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Meme Escape Room at Home

As mentioned in a previous post, Austin's birthday was this past week and we needed a great way to celebrate. Maddie had been asking me and Colin to do an escape room with them since Austin's birthday last year, but the plans were never finalized. His birthday comes around again, and Maddie asks to do an escape room for Austin.

I spent hours researching how to create an escape room. I learned that escape rooms generally have 10-15 puzzles in them that participants are expected to complete within an hour. I used some tips from Lock Paper Scissors to find inspiration for different puzzles, tasks, and games. I knew I wanted to include locks and logic puzzles. Colin's critical thinking skills are phenomenal and he has fun solving challenging puzzles. I wanted to challenge him with cyphers and coded text.

The weekend before his birthday we went to their family cabin, and made several jokes based on Burger King Foot Lettuce. So, running with this idea (as I often do) I decided to combine the meme that we were laughing about and the escape room concept. I brought us back to the good year of 2016 with the memes that I used.

To do this, I started by writing a welcome letter that explained the situation.

*Norrt EG Uftulcgboektie is an anagram of Burger King foot lettuce*

I made an outline of how the escape room was going to go, laying out each clue step-by-step so that I could not only remember how the clues were going to add up, but make sure that they did add up in a logical order.

Next, I wrote out each clue. Of course, tailor it to what your escape room needs.

Now we get into the good stuff.

My favorite part of creating this escape room was creating the Guess Who game. I used my (new) Photoshop skills to use screenshots of popular memes, and make a 2" tall by 1" wide rectangle for each of the memes, and then print them out and hot glue them into the Guess Who board. It was a lot of work.

If you're interested in the pdf version of this so you can print them out and create your own Guess Who game, email us! I also have several of the yellow cards so you can play the game.

The way that the participants (Maddie, Austin, and Colin) asked for clues was also very exciting for me. I found a rotary phone on Amazon and was able to use VoIP to connect the old technology to wifi and make free phone calls. We also now have a landline, which I'm jazzed about.

Here are all of the elements of the escape room that I got pictures of:

Can we take a moment to appreciate how long I spent Photoshopping the foot lettuce onto Pepe? Also- I'd like to note that this is a 2016 innocent Pepe, with none of the connotations that are present in 2019.

I'm very proud of my work on this escape room, and the friends had a great time. I'd like to wish Austin a happy birthday, and wish any of you who would like to try making something similar at home to give it a try!

Catherine Langmack lives in Seattle, WA with her love. She's passionate about tending to her backyard crops, writing, and researching.

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