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Recipe for a Memorable Date Night

You'll need:

  • Graham cracker crumbs

  • Hershey's Bar

  • Dandie's Vegan Marshmallows

  • A powerful household vacuum

  • Cleaning sponge

  • Tongs

  • Two spoons

It was a chilly Thursday evening in November, a date night. Every Thursday is date night. I had to work late and we didn't have the time in the evening to go out to dinner or watch a movie like we usually do. We Googled questions along the lines of: "Home date nights" and "fun things to do at home" but nothing that wasn't cliché came up.

Options included:

  • Watch a movie

  • Eat dinner in the backyard

  • Get takeout dessert from your favorite restaurant

It was nearly 10 pm and I was craving something sweet. That last suggestion stuck with me while I was exploring the cabinets. I found graham cracker crumbs and vegan marshmallows leftover from our Halloween party, and we had a selection of chocolate bars from the whopping zero trick-or-treaters we got on our busy street.


  1. Coat the bottom of a ramekin with graham cracker crumbs

  2. Break apart the Hershey's bar and arrange it to cover the crumbs

  3. Coat the chocolate with marshmallows

  4. Place in the oven on the broiler setting. Remember to keep an eye on the marshmallows as they start to brown. If you're not attentive, one moment you've got white fluff, and the next moment you've got charred tar.

  5. Realize that the broiler will brown the marshmallows quickly, but likely won't melt the chocolate in the way you want. Have your partner validate. Grab your nearest potholder and grip the slanted edge of the ramekin.

  6. Slip. Drop the ramekin in the oven, at just the right angle to where the graham cracker crumbs coat the interior, and the chocolate pieces hit the bottom and begin to melt.

  7. Remove the oven racks. Using tongs, remove what you can of the chocolate pieces. Have your partner retrieve the vacuum and begin to suck up the crumbs. The marshmallows can go too. Use the cleaning sponge to wipe up the melted chocolate.

Second method:

  1. Repeat the first three steps listed above, however, put the ramekin this time in the toaster oven at 350º until the marshmallows are golden brown.

  2. Use the same potholder to slide the toaster oven's rack out ever so slightly, so you are able to place the ramekin immediately on to the granite countertop.

  3. Allow to cool for the minute or two that you have the patience to wait for your dessert, and transfer to your kitchen table.

  4. Use the two spoons to enjoy the memory.

After we finished our s'mores pie, we wanted to add more to our date night. Colin gifted me a puzzle for my birthday back in January, but we had yet to start it. He brought the card table to the office and we began to find the corner and edge pieces while listening to an episode of Invisibilia by NPR. We spent 45 minutes finding the connection between the tabs and blanks and building a vintage library. At that moment I was reassured that regardless of where the crumbs fall, there will always be my special someone there to help vacuum them up.

Catherine Langmack lives in Seattle, WA with her love. She enjoys writing, trying to keep up with school, and decorating for holidays.

If you tried this recipe and love it, please leave a comment or reach out on Twitter or Instagram.

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